Quitting Drinking? Where to Begin.

So here you are...at a crossroads whether to continue drinking or to try a new path to becoming a non-drinker. You know the latter so much better and frankly, it's less scary to continue drinking... better the devil you know!

Well, I'm here to tell you why not try a life without alcohol? You already know where drinking has gotten you. Let me take a couple of guesses, low level hangovers, regretful conversations and blackouts, an extra 15lbs, aggrivated rosacea (the worst!), crippling anxiety just to name a few. Here are my basic beginners tips to get your started.

1. Podcasts- We apparently like to binge, so why not binge on healthy content? Take them with you anywhere. Most of them have stories of people just like you so you aren't feeling as alone. Notice all the nods you are doing while the other person is speaking. My bingeworthy list: Recovery Elevator, Bubble Hour (holla... was on one of their episodes), This Naked Mind, ODATT Chat and Light Hustler. Just keep yourself occupied with content.

2. Books- Same concept as the podcasts, but in book form- look at how many books you can devour Ms./Mr. Smartie pants. My top contenders:

This Naked Mind


A Girl Walks Out of the Bar

My Fair Junkie

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck



Sober Stick Figure

Recovery The Sober Diaries Smashed Unwasted

My Lush Sobriety

A Happier Hour

3. Support- Whether you find an online group or meet people in real life, connection is what will keep you off the sauce. This is the main reason I started my coaching practice. I enjoy connecting with people just as much as I am helping them. It's not as scary as it sounds. Most of the podcasts have online communities and and I was apart of them early in my sobriety.

Feel free to reach out or send any other suggestions my way!


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