Sober Vacation Tips

My first thought for a title was, “Surviving Sober Vacation.” Talk about a buzz kill. We aren’t surviving… we should be thriving with our glowy sober skin and non-hungover selves. Sure, at times we might get a little testy when everyone around us are fumbling around drunk, but just use that as an opportunity to ask them their deepest darkest secrets… JUST KIDDING!

I recently went on a girl’s trip to Denver, Colorado and while this isn’t my first sober vacation, I thought I could use this as a chance to share my experience and prep leading up to a kick ass time with my friends.

Vacations used to make day drinking acceptable and not look like a complete drunk. Waking up…mimosas. Lunch time beers (pre-celiac self). Afternoon bars leading up to boozy dinner with wine and then out until 1:30-2AM. Mostly experiencing new cities in a drunken haze. I didn’t realize you could vacation in a different way until I got sober.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Get your sober muscles strong before the trip. What I mean by this is prepping with your podcasts, journaling, books, meetings, accountability friend or whatever you do to stay sober daily. Put in a little extra time in the weeks leading up that you aren’t weak heading into vacation. Keep your reasons to quitting close when that sneaky little voices creeps in telling you to drink.

2. Stay firm in your decision not to drink. If you go into vacation “Trying not to drink,” people are going to persuade you most likely leading to drinking. Say it out loud with me: I. AM. NOT. DRINKING. No room for debate there.

3. Compromise. If you are headed to a trip with heavy drinkers try and compromise with an activity you will enjoy before hitting up the bars. Hiking, museums, new coffee shops, cultural attractions, beachin’ it, or whatever will make you happy! This is your vacation too and you should have a say. Most likely everyone else will enjoy these ideas as well! Then if they want to go to the bars, get yourself a fun mocktail!

4. Talk it out. Sometimes when we are out of our daily routines, we can get tired and cranky especially if we are staying out late and not eating as nutritious on vacation. If you are feeling frustrated and can’t really pin point it, try talking it out with someone around you. Sometimes just saying your frustration out loud can help.

5. Accountability partner. Make sure everyone on your vacation knows your intentions or have someone available that you can call/text when you are feeling uneasy.

Don’t miss out on vacations, just because you think you won’t be able to make it through. Do your prep work, plan things you like and surround yourself with supportive people. Once you go on one sober vacation, you’ll realize there is more to see than the inside of a bar.

What vacations are you planning?


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